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May 23, 2022
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Oasis is a social app that allows you to create your own virtual world where anything is possible. Create your characters, buy cats, and personalize the club rooms!

Oasis is a social platform made available through an app. It borrows some features from other popular apps in China – the Oasis App. The goal of this platform is to allow you to create your own virtual world, build your tribe, and make it better together.

From the moment you decide to join on, you’ll be able to create and customize a unique character. You’ll also be able to explore places and improve them so you can have an even better time.

If you like playing interactive games, download the Oasis Pro APK for Android. It’s a fun app that pits your creativity against other people. There’s not too much out there, so grab it while you can & enjoy! The app only weighs in at 198M. So hurry up and snag this one while it fits your phone.

An Exciting Gameplay

Oasis Jogo is a game with new friends and a personalized world delivered right to your phone. You can also adopt pets and create amazing packages. This is the best of all worlds!

When you join Oasis VR, you raise a pet of your choice and name it. Soon, you get to meet people from different clubs when they come to visit your world. You then ask them if they want to join the club with you to help improve your virtual world

Having new friends leads to a lot of diverse types of people that can help you continue to improve the Oasis APK game as well as provide new ideas. Having friends is great for self-expression too – one way or another, this person might help provide you with emotional fulfillment.

Design Your Virtual Avatar

Oasis APK has a fun, interactive avatar creator that allows you to create your own design! You can be as creative as you want and wear whatever hairstyle, clothes and accessories that suit you best.

You can create a variety of animations, effects, and even complete different scenarios with Oasis VR. It’s a great way to explore the virtual world with your friends or even make a new life in there! Come find the games that get you hooked!

Enjoy Your Virtual World Maximally

There are so many things to do in this game. And it’s never really the same from one time you play to the next – you can always go back and explore. You can build strong relationships with pets and create very personal memories

You can also make plans for a weekend party with the people you meet inside these private clubs. You can choose to do things one-on-one or in a group setting.

Sing karaoke, play games, share a good laugh and explore your world. Video games offer an exciting way to unwind after a long day of work.

Choose Club Colors That Suit Your Style

Oasis APK gives you the freedom to build your own private community. You can choose the color of your clubroom to express yourself and share photos with friends. It is a secure way to share on social media without worrying about security.

People are more comfortable with using VR to explore different parts of the virtual world. Some people even use it to meet new friends and hang out in a welcoming environment.

Many games are out nowadays with a strong emphasis on interacting with your surroundings. It’s even possible to arrange furniture and items in the world and use it to create new experiences. The game has many different diversions like playing the piano, creating a garden, or building a grandstand.

A Simple User Interface

People don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed by all the features of Oasis unlike other games. They know that they need an account to play and once they do, it’s easy for them to start exploring. The game has a simple interface, meaning players can start playing even if they’re new to the app!

This game is free to play and features a lot of things that keep you engaged. You can customize your avatar, earn points, give gifts & receive gifts.

With daily rewards and attractive discounts, you can be sure that everyone will have fun in virtual world.

Unlock Features Using In-App Purchases Option

The game also features in-app purchases that allow you to unlock different features such as chatting with friends.

You can also customize your avatars with VIP passes. The VIP pass will not only make you look different from other players, but it will also add benefits such as additional in-game currency and coins to spend on cosmetic upgrades for your avatars at an extremely affordable cost.

Download Oasis APK Mod

The Oasis APK MOD provides a way to bypass all the ads so that you can have full access to all the gameplay without spending a dime. Plus it doesn’t contain any malware!

The modded version will have an amazing immersive experience and you’ll feel more like you’re actually in that game. It’s up to each individual what they do with a modded copy – some just want to enjoy it, others may venture into the more exciting aspects of the game.


Oasis is a fun game that you’ll never get bored playing. There are so many different activities and mini games, it’s hard to pick just one you’ll want to play. The Oasis app has the ability to help boost your mood, which makes it doubly exciting!

You can chat with friends or sing songs in the karaoke room. Besides, you have access to exclusive rooms where your VIP friends are waiting. The Oasis download is perfect for anyone who wants to unwind, or have fun!

What's new

1. Added 5 new Avatar Actions in Rooms/Clubs;
2. Added rain and snow weather effects in Clubs;
3. The wall of the outdoor club supports changing the color;
4. New users entering the room will appear in different locations;
5. The historical message record in rooms/clubs supports sliding view;
6. Support "Share to Friends" after taking Pictures with the camera;
7. Added 5 new hand-held Items: broom, hand-held firework, bubble water gun, rose, ribbon gun;

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