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Mar 14, 2024
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Are you tired of being online? Of seeing the same old faces, sharing the same old memes, and reading the same old content?

Tired of being told that you need to be more active on social media? That you should be using your phone more in order to get ahead at work? That you should be checking your phone every 5 minutes in order to stay connected with your friends and family?

Well, we’re here to tell you that all of that is wrong. It’s time for something new. It’s time for something authentic. It’s time for Bondee APK, a virtual plaza for all of us who are sick of the world we live in and ready to create something better.

What is Bondee APK?

Bondee is a place where you can go to hang out with your closest friends—people who care about what matters to YOU, not what matters to them or anyone else around them.

It’s a place where you can talk about things that matter to YOU and only YOU: what book or movie or TV show has changed your life; how much money each person owes their friends after last week’s trip; how much everyone loves cats; whatever else comes up.

Features Of Bondee APK

Bondee is the perfect app for finding new friends who really get you.

1. Invite upto 50 Friends

Invite your friends to Bondee by sending them an invite link through SMS, Email or WhatsApp. You can also invite them by sharing your referral code. Your friends will get Rs.100 free wallet on sign up and you will get upto Rs.25 per friend who joins Bondee.

2. Create Personal Avatar

Create a personal avatar for yourself and your friends with different hairstyles, skin tone, eye color & facial features. You can even change the clothes of your avatar to match with any occasion or mood!

3. Chat with Friends

Chat with your friends in a private chat room or a public chat room called ‘Plaza’. Create groups and share photos, videos, GIFs as well as stickers with it!

4. Create a virtual plaza

Build your own virtual plaza where you can meet up with your friends from all over the world! Just select the location and time slot for meeting them and you’re good to go!

5. Share and view status

Bondee is the simplest way to share and view status. With Bondee, you can share your location, photos, videos, and other files with friends or family members in real-time. You can also view the status of your friends and family members on a map!

6. Create Personal Space

With Bondee, you can create your own personal space to share information with others. You can use this feature to share photos or videos with your friends and family members in real-time!

Requirements for Bondee APK

When you download and install the Bondee app, you will be asked to grant certain permissions. These permissions are required by the app to run smoothly on your Android phone.

Bondee requires the following permissions when you access some of the app’s features:

  • Albums (storage): storage of photos and videos, and uploading the content in your albums.
  • Camera: to take photos, record videos, and scan QR codes.
  • Microphone: to record videos and send voice messages.
  • Message notifications: to push chat messages and system notifications.
  • Contacts: to discover friends who have joined Bondee.

How to Download Bondee APK On Android

You can download the latest version of Bondee Apk for Android from our website. The link is at the top of this page; click it to begin your download.

After your countdown has ended, you will need to click “Download” when it turns red for installation on your device—if not already installed prior—to begin.

After you click the Download button, an installer screen will appear. This means that your app is downloading!

Now that the files have been downloaded, go back and make sure the “Install from Unknown Sources” option is enabled in Settings. This will allow you to install apps directly from our website.

To do this, follow these steps: Go to Settings > Security. After that, ensure Unknown Sources is checked; then go back (or hit “Home”) and either look in the application menu or find the downloaded APK file you want to install.


So, what’s the bottom line?

Bondee APK is an authentic place where you can go to hang out with your closest friends—people who care about what matters to YOU, not what matters to them or anyone else around them.

We’re tired of the same old social media, memes, and content. We’re tired of being told that we need to be more active online in order to get ahead at work. We’re tired of being told that we should be checking our phone every 5 minutes in order to stay connected with our friends and family.

And we know you are too!

What's new

1.Bug fixes and performance improvements
2.User experience improvements

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