How to Hack Dent Apk For Unlimited Dent Coin Without Referring

[Dent Cheat] Howto Hack Dent App For Unlimited Data Bundle

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Unlimited Free Data Bundle With Dent apk

Last time we discussed how to register on the dent, Refer your friends and earn 20 DENT coins per sign up with your link

Today I am going to teach you how you get Unlimited free MB with dent Apk. without referring anybody.

How Hack Dent apk

As We all Know that Dent Wireless has upgraded It’s android App to a lighter version that comes with new feature which I believe affected many people who has been enjoy dent free data for sometime. This latest Dent App feature which is taggedDent Call Verification is a feature that allows them to detect invalid referrals like those who refer others without the person Downloading the dent app.

In the post am going to reveal to you the latest Dent trick on how to By-Pass Dent Call Verification and continue with your Dent Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat like am doing. Below are the Screenshot evidence of my earnings.

Wow ! this is pretty good and the funniest part is that this is the remainder after countless time of subscriptions, both for my self and for my friend.

How Do I By-pass Dent Call Verification?

Yes this is a wonderful question, to by-pass the dent call verification first you have to download these apps and the download links are at the end of the post

  1. Download the latest Dent app If you haven’t downloaded it before.
  2. Download the crack version of the Dent App
  3. Download Yoga VPN here
  4. Download Cloner Parallel Space
  5. Download virtual number app Second Line Apk

Follow The Procedures Below

  1. Now launch your dent app and register with your phone number, that’s if you haven’t registered already, Get your invitation link from the invite link option, copy the link and paste it wherever you will locate it easily,
  2. Now, install the Yoga VPN you downloaded earlier, click on “select region“, on level 1, select United States, now connect yoga VPN, once connected, minimize the app, and head to the next step
  3. Now Head straight to the 2ndline app, Launch it and input your new registration details, i.e email, and password, click on register to complete the registration process, now select your desired phone number, you will be required to input the area code of the city you want the numbers on, you can input 506, 507, 508, 509, etc, the list of available phone numbers will appear, select any.
    finally, click on share number to copy your new number,

    2ndline for getting virtual USA number Dent
    2ndline Apk

  4. Now that you have gotten the new virtual number,
    launch your app cloner( parallel space) clone the Dent app on parallel space, log in to your dent account with your number.
  5. Clear the data of your original Dent app, to be able to perform a new registration with your new US number Via your original accounts invitation link you copied earlier
  6. After registration, wait for some minute on the Dent app, for your new 290 dent bonus to reflect, you can use the 290 dent bonus to send data to any of your lines or that of a friend or you can simply exit the app, your aim is to accumulate more dents on the other account,
  7. Now clear the data of the DENT app, and that of 2NDLINE app, re-register on the 2ndline app with new detail and get a new US number, use the number on dent app via your invitation link
  8. To accumulate more dents on your original dent account repeat this process 4, until you are probably satisfied, always remember to log in to your original account via the app cloner to ascertain if the bonus dents are reflected.

Download Links

Download Dent App

Download Dent Mod

Download Parallel Space

I am pretty sure you already have felt nervous Don’t worry Follow the Video Tutorial Below

Video Credit Goes To ProTap Subscribe His channel.

I will still update this post for a better understanding just subscribe or comment below to follow up on any update made on this post.

10 comments on "[Dent Cheat] Howto Hack Dent App For Unlimited Data Bundle"

  1. omo says:

    I can’t download the dent app, I follewef the link up there to download but after downloading, it say there is am error with the package..please help.

  2. Ayi says:

    Can we get another hack version cos this version downloaded is asking for update every time I want to loggin . Tks

  3. William says:

    Please 2nd line. Apk I can’t download it from store, saying not available for my country? Please any help.

  4. Jay says:

    Please 2nd line. Can’t sign up, keeps saying “An error occurred “. I’ve used yoga and even psiphon to connect via USA, still the same problem .

  5. Cedric says:

    can it work in BENIN Republic ?

  6. Ajay Gupta says:

    Comment…Why the US number can’t get registered even I connected to yoga VPN the main problem is that while verifying Us number Only verifying with Call not giving the option of Use SMS instead call …..Why ?Please help me

  7. Pasam says:

    Can’t register 2 line app

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