Time Based Data Plan Prices And Code For All Networks

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Do you know you can download large files from the internet without tampering with your main data plan, but how do you do that ? Here comes the knowledged of Time Based Data Plan.

In this post am going to teach you all you need to know about time based data and how to use it to download large files from the internet.

What is Time Based Data Plan?

Time based Data plan is a Data Plan introduced long ago which helps you download large files from the internet without tampering to your normal data plan. As far as you want to download large file and you have strong internet connection, I recommend this data plan for you.

How the plan works is that it allows you to surf the internet at 0.0kb for a giving period of time depend on the duration you subscribed to.

For example you purchase 1 hour time based data package, Your access to the internet will be granted within that time frame. What it means is that you can download up to 10GB file within the interval of 1 hour.

How To Get Time Based Data Plan

Different Networks have their own name and USSD code for this timely based Data plan. Therefore am going to show you how to take it one after another ranging from MTN, Airtel and 9mobile

MTN Simple Surf

MTN simple surf is  MTN time based data bundle. With this data bundle you are charged for the time spent on the internet not the volume of data consumed. This data plan gives you total control over your your data usage.

MTN simple surf has a wide varieties of time based data plan which ranges from 2 hrs to 3oo hrs. The table below gives you an overview of MTN Timely based data plan and subscription code



2 HOURS 1 DAY N250 2H 100MB  


5 Kobo/KB

20 HOURS 7 DAYS N1,500 20H 1.5GB
100 HOURS 30 DAYS N5,000 100H 3GB
300 HOURS 90 DAYS N13,000 300H 10GB

[box type=”note”]To activate your preferred bundle plan, text the keyword to 131[/box]

Airtel Time Based Data Plan

Time based data plan was introduced by Airtel sometimes in 2015 and the price was changed in 2016. The plan allows you to surf the internet unlimitedly for a particular time interval depending on your package.

How it works is that you are eligible for the offer once a day i.e you can subscribe for 1 hour or 30 mins airtel time based data plan once a day and once it finishes you can’t renew it till the next day.

For Unlimited daily plan 30 minute – N300 – *439*1# 
For Unlimited daily plan 60munite – N500 – *439*2# 

9Mobile BlazeOn timely Based Data Plan

9mobile has taken over from where Airtel stopped, they introduce their very own time-based data plan called 9mobile BlazeOn. To use the 9mobile blaze on, you need to download the 9mobile Blazeon app

You can get 9mobile time based data plan for;

  • 10 minutes for N50 plan
  • 15 minutes for N70 plan
  • 30 minutes for N120 plan or
  • 1 hour for N200 plan.

To activate this data plan

  1. Download the Blaze on app here
  2. Install and setup

[box type=”note”]Note: If you are downloading the app for the very first time, you’ll get free 200MB once you register.[/box]

Have you started using this plan? Let me hear your views via the comment box below.

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