GLO YAKATA: Migration Code, Benefits, Bonuses, Call Tariff Rate, Validity

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Globacom announces their new special tariff plan for all their prepaid users, it is called Glo Yakata! This tariff was not only beneficial to their new customer it also benefits the existing customer

The Glo Yakata plan was firstly announced in Ghana. According to their official website, the YAKATA offers you awesome voice and data benefits when you buy a Glo SIM.

What is the Glo Yakata?

Glo Yakata is a prepaid plan which rewards customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. The plan allows customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

I was first amazed by Glo Yakata offering but putting call rate and validity into consideration changed that.

I will break this article into four major headings. Call rate calculation, benefits & bonus and validity, migration code, check data balance.

Glo Yakata Benefits, Bonuses (Airtime & Data) and Validity Period.

Basically what this call plan is offering you is bonus worth of airtime and data value upon every recharge.

You get 2,200% value on every top-up of 100 Naira. Meaning recharge of 100 Naira attracts 2,200 Naira bonus value and 200 Naira attracts 4,400 Naira.

You will have five (5) account balances.

  • Voice Benefit Main Account: Your recharge Amount.
  • Bonus Account (Voice): 350% of your recharge.
  • Data Value: 1750% of your top up.
  • 1st Recharge of the Month Data Benefit: 50MB for 100 Naira recharge and 6.25GB for 5000 Naira recharge.
  • Data Benefit on Subsequent Recharges: 50MB on 100 Naira airtime top up and 2.5GB on 5000 Naira.

You will only receive the data benefit on 1st recharge of the month for 6 months.

The validity period of all bonuses is 7 days. But there is an exception if you have an existing data bundle. Yakata data bonus assume the validity period of the existing data plan.

GLO Yakata

Glo Yakata Call Rate Calculation.

You will be charge from your voice bonus account first before moving to the main account.

However, since you can’t make international call or pay for any other value added service with the bonus account, you will be charge from the main account for them.

  • Glo to Glo call rate for this Yakata tariff is: 55 Kobo per Second. That’s 33 Naira per minute.
  • Glo to Other Networks in Nigeria rate is: 70 Kobo per Second. Amounts to 42 Naira per minute.
  • SMS charges: 4 Naira per message on main account and 14 Naira per message if charged from bonus account.

100 Naira Airtime Recharge.

When you recharge 100 Naira, you receive 100 Naira in your main account and 350 Naira in your bonus account which amount to a total of 450 Naira.

If Glo to Glo call rate is 33 Naira per minute, what is the talktime for 450 Naira?

  • 33 Naira – 1 Minute.
  • 450 Naira – X.

X (Talktime) = 450/33 = 13.64 minutes or 13 minutes 38 seconds.

But it is another story when you call another network increasing the call rate to 42 Naira per minute.

  • 42 Naira – 1 Minute.
  • 450 Naira – X.

X = 450/42 = 10.7 minutes or 10 minutes 42 seconds.

For 200 Naira, 500 Naira and 1000 Naira airtime top up, multiply the above talktime by 2, 5 and 10 respectively.

This is a great talktime if you ask me, but a validity period of 7 days? I think i will pass.


  • You can’t make call with the data value bonus. It can only be used for browsing.
  • You can’t make international call with the voice benefit bonus.
  • Also, you can neither use the bonus account to pay for any Value Added Service nor share or transfer the bonus.

How to Check Glo Yakata Bonus Balance (Voice & Data).

Just dial *220*1#.

Yakata Migration Code.

You can either get a new Glo sim which will have yakata as its default tariff plan upon registration and activation or dial *220# if you are already a glo customer.

There you have it guys on Glo yakata. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.