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Traffic Run Mod APK

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Download Traffic Run mod APK latest version for Android and control your car and get to the goal without hitting any other drivers.

Have you always wanted to drive? Relax because, with this Traffic Run you have it all, you will enjoy your driving to the extent you will feel that it is in real life.

Traffic Run Mod Apk

Information About Traffic Run Mod APK

Name Traffic Run
Requirement 4.1
Developer Geisha Tokyo, Inc.
Google play link com.geishatokyo.trafficrun
Price Free
Size 98.33 Mb
Category Racing

Simple games are often the best games. It tasks you with one challenge and forces you to do whatever it takes to meet that challenge. This is indeed the case with Traffic Run APK. Your only mission is to get the car to where it needs to go without hitting anyone else in traffic – but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You’ll need considerable practice before you’re able to pull off the later levels with ease.

What is Traffic Run Mod Apk?

Traffic Run Mod Apk is a car racing game that every person that loves car racing games needs to play. Just click on the download button link provided in this article to download this amazing game called Traffic Run mod APK and also to find out how interesting it is yourself by dodging crazy drivers and reaching the end goal. This is one of those simple and yet very addictive games that will push you to your wit’s end.


How to Play Traffic Run Mod Apk

First of all, you will start at an intersection, and secondly, you also need to control the car as it bounces back, forth, and dodges the mental loonies who are not about to stop for you to pass. Thirdly, you have to stick between other cars and trucks and try not to hit them or have them drive into the back of you.

Timing is everything in this game and careful control of the accelerator will be necessary to avoid hitting anyone. It’s a very tense game that will have you playing for hours on end.

Tips for Successful Playing of Traffic Run Mod Apk

Generally. racing games are always challenging and for you to play them successfully, you need to follow some tips that will guide and you to achieve it. So if you want to play to the best of your ability, then read through our top tips to unlock your potential and dominate in the game. It’ll be much more fun if you’re good at playing it – so pay attention.

  • Beware the brakes: Your brakes are very necessary. The car will basically stop as soon as you take your finger off the screen, so make sure that you’re perfecting a kind of ‘tapping technique’ whereby you’re carefully applying acceleration and braking to keep a steady speed.
  • Near Miss points: A ‘Near Miss’ is given when you come really close to hitting another car, but just manage not to. You’ll get some extra points for doing this, so if you feel like you’re a pro at the game already, then try this move out to earn more points. Just be careful – it’s called a near-miss for a reason…
  • Watch ads to revive: Occasionally, you’ll knock out practically the entire mission, only to be hit by some Sunday driver and lose all your progress. The game offers you the chance to revive by watching a quick ad. It’s worth doing this, to save you from throwing your phone at a wall – it’s also just enough time to cool off your road rage.

Traffic Run Mod Apk

Features of Traffic Run Mod Apk

Traffic Run Mod Apk isn’t your typical racing game. This one is packed with features that even advanced players will find impressive. Aside from that, you can do a lot in this game. Here are its features:

Convincing tracks – In racing games, the tracks are an important aspect as well. If they’re not well-designed, the game would be boring. Thankfully in Traffic Run Mod APk, the tracks are diverse! There are dozens of unique locations in this game with changing times! This means you can drive in the morning or at night. This will allow you to test out your car in different modes so you can showcase your skills.

Easy controls – The controls of the Traffic Run mod Apk are fairly easy. You can press the right and left buttons to control your car. It will automatically accelerate so you don’t need to do anything else.

Graphics – Without nice graphics, a game is worth it. In Traffic Mod Apk, the graphics are very good to the extent that the graphics alone will keep one playing for a long period of time.

Impressive cars – There are tons of cars to choose from! All of them are fast, but some are even faster! Of course, they are all sports cars but you can only unlock a few at a time. Win more races if you want to try them all. But the most important thing is that each car is unique and will give off a different vibe. Try to collect them all!

Traffic run Mod Apk

How to Download Traffic Mod Apk

For downloading the latest version of traffic Run Mod Apk, please click on the download button which is provided in the article.

Once you click on it, your downloading will start automatically. After downloading, follow the instructions below for the installation process;

  1. Make sure that you allow unknown sources in Android settings is enabled.
  2.  Locate the downloaded Apk file from the Android storage section.
  3. Once the installation completes, go to the Android menu and lunch the App.

Traffic Run Mod Apk


Traffic Run Mod Apk is an addictive racing game that will leave you speechless. Quickly hit the download button to download the game now and enjoy all the features.

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