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Telegram vs Telegram X Which Should You Use? Check It Out

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Confused about Telegram vs Telegram X Which Should You Use? Then this article is for you.

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Today we will be comparing Telegram vs Telegram X which should you Use.


Telegram is an increasingly popular messaging app thanks to its focus on security and the free price tag. An alternative client called Challegram popped up a while back, and now the developers of Telegram have acquired it and changed the name to Telegram X.

It includes all the basic messaging features from the regular Telegram app, but there are a few experimental features, too.

Telegram X

Telegram X is an official Telegram app, which is separate from the main official app you and I use on the daily. What sets it apart is the bold experimentation going on there. Actually, Telegram X used to go by another name circa 2016, aka Challegram.

This app was an unofficial Telegram client which won the Telegram Android Challenge staged by Pavel Durov, the Telegram founder. As of writing this post, Telegram X is officially available for download on Android and iOS.

We all know about the cool features of Telegram but you might be amazed at what new features you are getting in Telegram X that differs from the original app

Availability Of Telegram VS Telegram X

The first difference between the Telegram and Telegram X is their availability. The regular Telegram is available to iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, Windows Phone and Windows NT. While the Telegram X is only available for iOS and Android.

Home User Interface Of Telegram VS Telegram X

Both apps have a slightly different home user interface. On the Telegram app, the dedicated calls option is on the menu.

While on the Telegram X, you can see the calls option beside the chats option separated by tabs just like WhatsApp. And also thanks to the Telegram X’s fluid animations, it’s faster than the regular Telegram.

Bubbles Mode

Another new feature of X app is a “Bubbles mode” which is not available in Telegram app. The function of this mode will allow you to give more space within the chats for better placement of the text and media in the messages; it also emulates the standard way of viewing messages in text bubble form.

New Gestures

Several new swiping gestures have been added to chats. You will be able to swipe left or right in the conversation list to switch between chats or calls. If you swipe right on a message you are able to share it and if you swipe left you can reply to it.

Another feature of X has a chat previews, this feature has the ability to display the contents of the chat page, without opening it. For this, you can long press on any chat and wait for a pop-up with the new messages to appear atop the conversation list. 

Night Mode

Telegram vs Telegram X

In Telegram X there is a dedicated Night mode tab in the menu on the left from where you can access it directly whenever you need it. But in Telegram, there is no night mode option rather you may change it into dark mode from theme within the settings to get the identical effect.

Saved Messages

The cool feature embedded in X is found within saved messages. It is the place where Telegram X grants you quick access to all your shared media files, posts, and documents. And all this stuff will be tabbed on X app. It will be easier for us to locate our saved posts much faster than the telegram app.

Data Saver

Telegram vs Telegram X

Telegram X has added the Data Saver feature. It works as advertised, saving you some extra data once you switch to mobile data or roaming.


Where the main Telegram app simply has a list of stickers, more functionality is minimal at best. Telegram X goes all out. You can view Trending, Installed and Archived stickers along with Masks. Remember those? Neither did we!

Improved Music Player

Telegram vs Telegram X

Telegram X’s music player now mirrors the ambient theme of the app. We got a dark-themed music player to reflect our app’s dark theme. What’s more, the Album artwork beautifully covers half the screen. Music you haven’t downloaded to local shows up with a cloud icon.

Telegram VS Telegram X

With all the new features the Telegram X offers, it’ll be hard to resist the app. Both the Telegram and Telegram X are both awesome apps, but the Telegram X is more innovative in my opinion.

Although, you should know that the Telegram X is still in its early stages i.e it’s still experimental. Some users of the Telegram X have complained saying the faster animation slows their iPhone/iPad.

Also, some users of the app on Android smartphone have had a similar complaint. While for some, the app is working efficiently. So i suggest you try both apps out and then pick which ever one that works well for you.

Download Telegram Vs Telegram X

Click on the links below to download any of the telegram’s you like.

Download Telegram X

Download Telegram


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