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PC Creator MOD APK

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Mar 29, 2023
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PC creator mod APK is an interesting simulation game developed by UltraAndrea with interesting soundtracks and graphics. The Storyline simulates the life of a technology lover.

You will learn about the components of the computer both hardware and software, then couple them together to get a completely functional computer.

The cost of purchasing computer components is expensive in this game, so you will need a good amount of money to upgrade your own computer.

Downloading the PC creator mod APK will solve the problem of insufficient funds when you want to make purchases. This mod APK will load your game with unlimited money cheats.


Tech enthusiasts will always like to stay advanced with the latest technology trends. If you are passionate about computers both hardware and software, don’t miss out on this game.

In the game, you will appear to be a guy who has a passion for computers. If you are already in this field, it will help a lot to sharpen your skills.

You will need to buy various computer components like CPU, sound and graphics card, memory modules, power supply, etc, and assemble them together. You will also do the software part by installing operating systems, drivers, and other utility applications.

Features Of PC Creator Mod APK

PC creator is a game for tech enthusiasts, who are interested in computer and computer components. The game has some good features that make it simulate real-life activities, here are some features to point out.

Develop your own Career

PC creator mod apk develop your character
PC Creator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

In the beginning, you will appear as a character that has a great passion for computers. You can create your character to your own specification and liking.

Your job is to receive orders such as repair, computer upgrade, operating system installation, software installation, …

In the beginning, you will appear to have little knowledge of your work, therefore you need to continue working till your skill sharpens.

The harder you work the smarter you become and more money you make,  when you have enough money you can now use it to build your own computer and sell to the market. It is interesting, right?

Controls in the PC creator mod apk are only with fingers, you don’t need to move the whole of the character.

200+ Hardware in-game

We all know that a basic computer needs some hardware parts like a computer case, it also needs to have some other important elements such as case cover, mainboard, CPU, ram, graphics card, and cooling-fan

PC creator mod apk
PC Creator Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

PC creator mod apk have basic computer hardware components, the only change here is that these components’ names are changed to avoid copyright infringement, however, the names are still similar to the real manufacturer like Nvidia, AMD, Intel, …

Build Your Computer

You can build your own computer in this game even without having prior knowledge of computer engineering. You don’t really need to design any computer component on your own, all you need to do is to pick from your catalog and the game will further simplify every step you need to follow to build your computer. It’s so simple that even a primary school kid can build a PC.

The part I find more interesting in this game is the software installations part. You can install any operating system of your choice in this game or still select your operating system based on the customer’s request.

You can also install other utility software like antivirus, overclock, run the 3D benchmark, play games, etc.

There are a few games and software in the store so it will not be as realistic as it is. With macOS, you can install it for free, but for Windows, you must buy a license. Besides, the store also has antivirus software such as Kaspersky, Avast, and some games like Fornite, The Witcher 3, PUBG, GTA V.

PC Creator Mod APK Unlimited Money And Bitcoin

Having understood fully what this game is all about, you will see that buying computer components can be very expensive and you need to have a lot of money for you to lay your hands on the right component.

The only way to make money from this PC creator game is through your small jobs from which you will save up some money to build your own computer and sell.

With PC Creator Mod APK unlimited money, we have cut down the stress. The mod apk will give you unlimited money with which you can use to buy your computer hardware and software.

Conclusion On PC Creator game

This game is indeed an interesting game that can make you understand some technology behind every computer set you are seeing. If you have an interest in learning how to build a computer, this game can serve as a starting point.

The mod APK available on this website will make the game easier and more interesting due to the unlimited money hack.

Download and Enjoy!!!

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