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GTA 3 Obb Data 1.8 APk Free Download

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Download GTA 3 Obb Data 1.8 APk – Latest Version – Free for Android and enjoy taking a journey over to the harmful Liberty City and get right into a ton of chaos and mayhem all alongside the way.



Rockstar Games and DMA Design have introduced you one of the liked Grand Theft Auto titles for your Android cell device. This is – GTA 3 Obb Data. Take the function of Claude as he adventures through those islands after being left for dead. Take at the forces of each the Yakuza and Cartel on this action-packed games of entire chaos and crime.

There’s no preventing you, whilst given sufficient firepower. So, cross in advance and down load GTA 3 Odd Data for Android proper now to enjoy the tale firsthand.

About GTA 3 Odd Data

GTA 3 is developed by Rockstar Games and have been played by over 5 million people all over the globe! GTA lovers are so addicted and can’t just get there hands off this game.


The tale of Grand Theft 3 Odd Data follows the existence of Claude. He has been betrayed and left for useless with the aid of using his personal lady friend at some stage in a financial institution heist. Afterwards, the crook escapes at some stage in a jail transfer, at the same time as Cartel contributors ambush the transport.
Later on, Claude befriends a Mafia member of the family and professional in explosives, called 8-Ball. From this point, Claude assists the Mafia own circle of relatives with numerous responsibilities and paintings. Working his manner up, he finally receives desired with the aid of using the Don, Salatore Leone.

However, after turning into too large of a presence, Salvatore will become suspicious of Claude. One day, he units up Claude in an try to kill him. But Claude is apprehended with the aid of using Salvatore’s wife. From this point, Claude takes up paintings for the Yakuza. And that’s whilst all hell starts to interrupt loose.


Go through a ton of various missions throughout numerous gang factions and find out many exceptional secrets. As the tale unfolds, an increasing number of turns into handy to you. In the end, you pick out the manner you favor to play the game, at the same time as playing the tale.

GTA 3 Odd Data Features

I know you’ll be wondering what the features of this will look like right? You’ll see what you’re looking for below and believe me when I say that the features are mind blowing!

  • High high-satisfactory beautiful photos with cutting-edge motors version and sport characters
  • Support Various resolutions of Android telephones which is likewise in excessive high-satisfactory.
  • Gameplay works in contact display screen gadgets with out lagging
  • You can personalize game controls to fit your preference.
  • Can be performed for an extended length of time, about for extra than 12 hours.
  • Supports haptic comments vibration.
  • See the brand new visible show and revel in get the exceptional photos high-satisfactory through tuning the brand new video show settings.


As an open international game, GTA III permits you to completely revel in each element of liberty metropolis. Don’t be shy to appearance over all of the one-of-a-kind areas. Getting to recognize your metropolis is the fastest manner into dominating it. That being said, test out all the one-of-a-kind places and experience unfastened to roam round as a whole lot as you wish!

Portland: In Liberty City, Portland will be the first place you will be visiting. This Portland has diverse docks, the Red Light District, factories and more. You’ll locate this phase plagued by pimps, hookers, politicians, scumbags, and lots of more. The Leones, Triads, and Diablos are the factions located on this area.

Staunton Island: This is the second place you will be visiting in Liberty City. In this Staunton Island, maximum enterprise is carried out here. This vicinity is dominated via way of means of the wealthy and powerful.

Shoreside Vale: This is the final place you will visit in Liberty City. Southside Hoods gang individuals and the Columbian Cartel can be discovered scattered throughout the region.


How to Download GTA 3 Odd Data

Steps To Install GTA 3 Apk Obb Data files are:

  1. Using Zarchiver Apk App.
  2. Open and locate Grand Theft Auto III Zip file.
  3. Click on it option Menu will come up.
  4. Click “Extract” from the option menu.
  5. Go to Phone or Device Memory.
  6. Click on Android folder
  7. Now stay there and click on extract icon, which looks like a arrow pointing downwards.
  8. Obb Data files for GTA 3 will be automatically extracted successfully into Obb Data folders.
  9. you can click the obb data folder to see if com.rockstar.gta3 folders are there.
  10. finally install GTA 3 apk and open it, remember to change the Game language to English.


To enjoy all these features above, Download GTA 3 Obb Data 1.8 APk – Latest Version – Free for Android now!

What's new

• Improved compatibility on recent versions of Android OS and Pixel devices
• Added 64-bit Support

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