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December 28, 2021
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Download GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version Free For Android. We make great use of the extra features that come along with this app to ensure users receive a better experience.

In this article, you will find the latest version of the GBWhatsApp APK. If you are using an older version of Android, you can download the previous versions from below. If you are using an outdated version of the APK, uninstall it and install the latest version from here.

What is GB Whatsapp APK?

GB Whatsapp apk

The GB WhatsApp APK is the leading boosted version of the original WhatsApp application for Android phones and has a lot of added extra features. With other social apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram around, this app is great to use.

WhatsApp allows its users to connect with others over Wi-Fi for both voice chat and text messaging. You can do separate one-on-one conversations, group chats, or even use the in-chat translator in a foreign language!

The GB WhatsApp APK is a great additional download that integrates many different tools into the original offering of the WhatsApp app. It includes encrypted messaging, photo attachments & file sharing. This makes it a great tool for all your business needs

There are lots of cool features in this app that help customize according to your liking. One of the best features is that you don’t need to root your device before getting started, which makes installing it a breeze. Unlocking your phone can have serious side effects so this process is usually not recommended.

Features Of GB Whatsapp APK

GB WhatsApp has many features. All of these features can be found below:

1. DND Disable Functionality


There is a way to make sure that you don’t have to pause one app just to use another, and there is even a way to set your phone so that interruptions for one app won’t disturb the other.

DND Features GB Whatsapp APK

You can turn off WhatsApp’s internet connection by using the GB DND feature. This will ensure that while you’re using your phone for work you’re not getting distracted by WhatsApp messages.

Overall, this update would be great for business users- they can get other things done while talking on the phone to their clients. For casual gamers, it’s also fantastic- no one wants to get an important call during the middle of gaming!

2. Broadcast Text Messages to Large Groups

It’s not possible to broadcast to lots of people on WhatsApp through the app, but there are ways to do it. You can use WhatsApp’s thread function to chat with the same contacts at the same time, which is great for marketing & reaching out to friends about an event. It’s a very easy function to use, which is one of the reasons it’s an excellent idea to download this app.

3. Filter Your Messages Using GBWhatsApp

One great feature that GB WhatsApp offers is the ability to filter your messages. This allows you to categorize certain words, phrases, and contacts. This means you can keep your messages arranged just how you want them while also filtering out spam messages. This new WhatsApp filter option saves you lots of time when deleting large group chats. You can also delete all your messages in one go. Great.

4. Share Your Live Location with Friends

Shared location is a very useful feature and makes it easy for friends to meet up. It can also help parents keep track of their kids. Added safety features are great to have, too!

An exciting new feature on GBWhatsApp – you can share your live location with other friends on the app! You can’t use this if your friends are using the default WhatsApp so make sure they download GBWhatsApp.

5. Added Effects Options for Pictures and Video

GBWhatsApp comes with built-in editing tools, so you don’t have to download a different app in order to be able to edit your pics and videos. It’s easy to customize your photos & make them look fantastic. You won’t have any problems perfecting your videos & pics. There is a wide range of different photo effects, stickers, and other cool features in this app. If you want to make your photos look awesome it’s best to download the app with all these options.

6. Send Large Files and Pictures

If you weren’t sure, the WhatsApp standard app has a max file size which maxes out at 16Mb. This can be a bit limiting, but WhatsApp GB (available as an APK download) allows pictures and docs to be sent with much larger file sizes. This is super useful for work use or sending files to your friends & family

7. Customize Your Font

Tired of the same old WhatsApp font? GBWhatsApp lets you customize your app with different fonts and more. There is so much variety when it comes to the appearance of your app, with your choice of fonts including everything from simple to bold and large to small.

The requirement to Download GB WhatsApp (Anti-ban) APK

  1. Good internet access (Recommended WiFi connection)
  2. Access to device location
  3. Access to the contact list
  4. Access to device gallery
  5. Device identity
  6. It does not require Device Root.

Final Verdict On GB Whatsapp APK

The final verdict on GB Whatsapp APK is that it does not have any malicious intent. It has been designed to provide a better WhatsApp experience for the user. Moreover, the app is open-source and available for free download.

While other people are still using the old WhatsApp messenger, you are open to new cool and amazing features but you should also know that it is not completely secure, since it is a mod version of the original WhatsApp we all know.

It should not stop you from trying it out but do not use your main or business account on the GB WhatsApp as all your data and chats may be viewed by the creator. So any big business proposal or plan, or any confidential conversation should be made on the original Whatsapp.

So, there you have it. GB WhatsApp has amazing features but it may not be as secure as you think.

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