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Ejen Ali Emergency 2.0.4 Full Mod APK For Android

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Today I bring to you Ejen Ali Emergency Mod Apk latest Version which i know your looking for and good enough you are at the right place.

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Ejen Ali Emergency Mod Apk

Ejen Ali Emergency a Malaysian animated series produced by WAU Animation, focusing on a titular boy which accidentally became a MATA agent after using Infinity Retinal Intelligent System (I.R.I.S), a device prototype created by Meta Advance Tactical Agency (M.A.T.A). I.R.I.S is controlled by neuro-signals enabling the wearer to perform actions programmed by the computer.

After the incident, Ali and his uncle, Bakar cooperate in M.A.T.A missions.

Ejen Ali Emergency

Overview Of Ejen Ali Mod APK 

It is also an award winning isometric action-puzzle based mobile game and embark on a mission to infiltrate deep into the MATA facility.

Equipped with equipments such as Iris and yoyo as a weapon, explore the different levels in a mission to defeat the enemy and escape from the highly secure defence system of MATA.

Explore nooks and corners with the help of Ejen Comot who has the ability to turn invisible and break down walls with Ejen Bakar’s super strength.

Ejen Ali Emergency

Features Of Ejen Ali Mod Apk

  • 50 challenging action-puzzle levels
  • Survival Mode
  • Outsmart new and unique enemies such as Drone, Turret and more
  • Challenge your mind in solving each obstacle as you infiltrate deep into the MATA facility
  •  Rescue your fellow agents and play as Ejen Bakar
  • Upgrade your gadgets and skills as you progress through the levels
  • Experience each character’s unique abilities from the original Ejen Ali animated series!

Ejen Ali Emergency

Download Ejen Ali Emergency Mod Apk

Click on the download link below to get the Ejen Ali Emergency Mod Apk

Download Link Here [Original]

Download Link Here [MOD]

Ejen Ali Emergency

How To Install Ejen Ali Emergency Mod Apk

  1. Click on the download link above
  2. Once the Mod apk has being downloaded, Click on Install
  3. After installation, Click on Open and you can now enjoy the Ejen Ali Emergency Mod Apk.

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