CashGranted Review Overview | Scam Or Legit ?

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I’m sure most of us are still confused whether CashGranted is a legit opportunity to make money online or if it is a scam. Well, am glad you are at the right zone, because I will unveil to you  all that you need yo know about the website and you will make the decision on your own.

What is CashGranted ? is a website/platform that claims to be Free, Advert-Enabled Funds-Granting Platform that grants between N20,000 to N70,000 to 1,000 people every week.

Revenue Source Overview

This website/platform claims that they generate their revenue by means of showing targeted ads to their visitor,then from the revenue generated from the ads, they make provision of funds to their petitioners.

Cashgranted Registration Overview

The registration process on Cashgranted website is very simple and straightforward procedure, all that is required from you is your name, bank details ( account name and number ) and your phone number only.

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Is CashGranted  Real Or Fake?

Below are my reasons why I said that CashGranted is scam and not a legit opportunity.

  1. No User Verification  : User on this site can have nany accounts since the is no mean of verifying registered users
  2. No Payment: Since they started running the system no one has been paid.
  3. No Business Verification: They do not have any means of verifying your business, Suppose I request for some money to invest in my pig farm business maybe to purchase more piglets or enlarge the farm, How do they know am really into the business and not just to waste the money.
  4. Who is sponsoring this loan: Can we say that the government have hand in the running of this platform? But on a second thought all government websites in Nigeria make use of the domain extension   Or are we going to call them a business firm? If truely they are business firm please what is their business name and RC Number
  5. How Old Is The Website?: From my research I just discovered that CashGranted website was just registered on the 21st of July, 2018.
  6. No Adverts On The Site: CashGranted claims that thetheir main source of revenue is by displaying ads but no ads was found on the website so how do the make their money.

More Review On CashGranted

Once your registration completed and you login to your dashboard you will get a message in this format below.

In conclusion, the website exists for only one purpose and that is so that the owner of the site can earn money, not any of the users.

The whole idea is to get this website known to many people, that’s why you are asked to get recommendations by friends. More people = More chances for  the owner to make more money.

Finally, this site is a scam and I encourage all of you to avoid it and not waste any time here.

Kindly share with your friends and relations so as not be a victim

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