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TXD Tool Pro APK 1.7.1 Free Download (Paid Unlocked)

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Jul 27, 2023
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Download the TXD Tool Pro APK free for Android and enjoy interesting gameplay customization and personalization on GTA San Andreas and Vice City.

This app allows you to enhance your gaming experience by modifying your in-game experiences such as customizing your gameplay features, graphics settings, and many more.

TXD Tools Pro APK

What is TXD Tool Pro APK?

TXD Tool is an Android application published by Viz Apps that allows users to easily access the texture collections in their GTA San Andreas or Vice City and make some customizations to it. The acronym TXD stands for Texture Dictionary which helps users to search for some texture files inside their GTA San Andreas and Vice City games.

Therefore if you are a fan of GTA games on Android devices, then this TXD tool app is for you. Make changes to your in-game visuals and textures with the built-in editing features. Additionally, you can load a new texture pack from online developers and make your gaming experience superb.

What does it do?

Feel free to make changes to your in-game experiences with endless customizations of your choices. Or add certain texture packs that are contributed by other users to completely change the themes of your surrounding environments. This will allow for interesting and exciting visual experiences whenever you play the game.

Along with many editing options for your TXDs, the app will also enable simple merging and splitting of these specific files, using only your Android devices.

TXD Tool APK Requirements

If you are interested in laying your hands on the amazing features of this app, first, you have to meet up the requirements to ensure that everything works perfectly as expected. Here are the requirements

  • You must learn to install the mod apk version Vice City and San Andreas.
  • Ensure that your Android device hardware capacity is at least 1GB, CPU 4×1.3 GHz or higher.

If you meet up these 2 requirements then I assure you that you have all it takes to run the TXD tool efficiently on your device.

Features Of TXD Tool APK

Below are some amazing features of this tool, let’s take a look at them.

1. Supports all texture formats

It’s important to understand that this app supports all texture formats and you can make use of the available features in the app to edit and enhance your gaming experiences. Additionally, you can import texture from various file formats or load them up directly from your TXD files.

2. Allows GTA complex texture operations

With the help of many useful tools in this app, users can perform both simple and complex texture operations on their GTA games. Importing editing material of any file is very easy and convenient with the help of the auto rewrite feature. Once you are done with the edits, you can go ahead and export the edited files and replace them in the game folder.

3. Many Interesting Features

Aside from the few mentioned features, users of the TXD tool apk will find some advanced features which can be used in customizing our in-game textures.

You can also use this tool to generate mipmaps textures in your GTA games. Again you can use the RLE compression function to reduce the quality of your textures.

4. Download the app free on our website

Currently, this app is listed as a paid app on play Google Play Store which means you need to make payment before you can enjoy the complete features of these tools.

As part of our mission to provide our users with a free app, you can download the TXD tool APK from our site for free without having to spend any money.

Simply locate the download button on this page and download the app, then follow the installation process to properly install the TXD Tool APK.

Take Note

This app requires that you have a basic understanding of how things work in customizing game textures. If you are a novice I advise you to go for the already modified GTA games available on the internet.


This is an amazing app for GTA lovers because you stand to modify your in-game visuals to meet up with your taste. Download the TXD tool apk unlocked version from our site and enjoy all the amazing features for free.

What's new

Added option to open other folders inside Android/data on Android 13+
Added support for notifications about operations progress on Android 13+
Improved texture processing on Android 11+
Fixed uncompressed with low memory usage import on Android 11+
Fixed problem with opening cache on some devices running older Android versions

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