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Idle Magic School MOD APK

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Download Idle Magic School Mod APK latest version with unlimited money cheat and manage your own magic school.

Have you ever dreamed of building your own magic school? Your dream will come true in this new idle magic game School mod app!

idle magic school

What is Idle Magic School MOD APK

Idle magic school mod apk is a simulation game developed by Longames. The game is all about building and managing your magic schools, where you train students and help them to become Dragon Knights.

You will build and expand your own magic school in the mysterious magic forest, upgrading magic courses, unlocking school scenes, enrolling students, and helping them graduate to become a Dragon Knight!

idle magic school mod apk unlimited money free download
idle magic school mod apk unlimited money free download

Like most Simulation games, you don’t need full involvement in the game. Your work is to work as an overseer of the Magic school.

The gameplay is simple. Allocate your money wisely with different growth strategies on muggle training, dormitory management, and attracting elite wizards to bring fame to your magic school.

You have to complete the different in-game tasks to earn rewards. With these tips, you will hire top-notch Wizards to help bring out the best in your students.

You have different tasks to deal with. After tasks are completed, you will get glory to expand your territories, such as Water Country, which is around turbulent rivers, and students won’t be disturbed by the outside.

You can also upgrade magic trees to get fruits which can be used to increase the wizard star grade. Additionally, launching converting machines is necessary, as muggles need to be converted into wizards by the machines before they can learn magic.

Last but not least, hiring new staff in the shops will bring more customers and earn more coins.

Features Of Idle Magic School mod APK

Even if you do not log in to the game, your school will run automatically, generate offline revenue, and build the best magic school in the world.
-Simulate real magical scenes and environments with amazing animations and 3D graphics!

  • Full of various simulation business challenges.
  • The magic shop continuously produces free coins. Remember to collect them.
  • Multiple choices of disciplines, professors, magic tools, and growth strategies.
  • Explore your magic school with fun and get generous rewards and achievements!

Train the greatest wizards in history through the Magic School!

idle magic school apk free download
idle magic school mod apk unlimited money free download

Download Idle Magic School Mod APK

The Idle Magic Mod APK allows you to upgrade your Magic school without having to complete the assigned tasks.

The MOD APK comes with unlimited money; check back to the post to download it.


In conclusion, the Idle Magic School Mod APK is an interesting simulation game you can play anytime. Download the game from the link above and enjoy.

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Idle Magic School MOD APK 2.7.1 Free Download (Unlimited Money) | Tricksvile
idle magic school

Download Idle Magic School Mod APK latest version with unlimited money cheat and manage your own magic school.

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Operating System: Android 5.0+

Application Category: Simulation Game

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