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Hair Challenge Mod APK

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Rollic Games
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Apr 19, 2021
Apr 20, 2024
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Download the Hair Challenge Mod APK Latest Version (Unlimited Diamonds) Free for Android and make hairs to your satisfaction via changing the colors and making them as long as you wish!

hair challenge


This is a game from Rollic Games. If you’re a person who loves making your hair longer, then you’re like quite a few people. In the arena today, there are a lot of matters you could do to make your hair long. You can observe aloe vera, and extraordinary hair merchandise and permit it to develop with time.

With protracted hair, we are able to accomplish many hair patterns and hair colorings and pair them with many extremely good footwear and dresses. That’s why having protracted hair is an extraordinary manner to expose our personalities.


In Hair Challenge, you could revel in a hair-targeted game that helps you to stroll down impediment guides full of razor-sharp blades! You must keep away from those items as a whole lot as feasible in order that your hair won’t be reduced. But you could additionally select one-of-a-kind hairs all around the guides which provide in your hair length.

These hairs are vital so you can rate better on the end! The longer the hair, the better the rewards that you could get. Hit the download button now!

Hair Challenge Features

As a lover of hair, I know you are curious to see the features of this awesome game. Believe me when I tell you that the features of this game is mind-blowing and will make you want to play it as soon as possible. Here are the features:


Amazing impediment courses – Do you desire you’ve got lengthy hair or do you have already got one? Our hair is an essential part of our bodies because they’re one of the top recognizable and customizable parts.

We can don any fashion and hair color and we can make it to any period as we need. But in case you need to revel in a sport approximately hair, you then definitely should play Hair Challenge now.


The premise of the game is simple, you simply want with a purpose to develop your hair as you stroll down risky impediment courses. There are rolling blades of all styles and sizes these days that threaten your hair!

You should keep away from all of those so that you can stroll down the pink carpet and rating rewards primarily based totally on the period of your hair. Enjoy an amusing sport these days in which you could unencumber many characters, add-ons, and dresses.

Fun obstacles – In Hair Challenge, you’ll undergo many extraordinary impediment publications which can be full of risky and sharp objects. There are rotating blades, saws, and plenty of risky ones that could reduce your hair in an instant.

You need to undergo the end line while preserving your hair period so you can rate high. But don’t worry, you could select out hair alongside the manner a good way to then upload in your current hair! There are many distinctive colors to be had together with pink, brown, blue, and extra.

Make your hair longer – This game helps you to select out scattered hair alongside the impediment publications! The extra hair you select, the longer your hair could be. But it may get shorter as you skip via the blades. You need to preserve the period and make it longer as a lot as you can.


Unlock hair dyes, characters, and add-ons – Hair Challenge additionally helps you to unencumber many hair shades and patterns nowadays. There also are many characters to unencumber and use so that you can revel in laugh things.

You also are allowed to unencumber many add-ons inclusive of lovable hairbands and lots more. This recreation helps you to revel in all of those hair sweets for licensed hair addicts!

Amazing 3-D graphics – In this game, you will enjoy walking down the damaging limitations nowadays with sensible searching limitations. The pictures will make you feel at home and assume you’re in real life. The design, shades, and colors are so lovely. Hit the download button now!



What are you still waiting for? Hit the download button to download the Hair Challenge Mod APK Latest Version (Unlimited Diamonds) Free for Android now

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