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HELLO Buddies,  Here comes another Unlimited Airtel free browsing cheat for those in Uganda.

This trick, as usual, works for Android, PC, iOS and other OS users on the blazing Airtel 4G network. The trick is very easy to configure, and without wasting you guys time, i will head straight to the procedures on how to get it working.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat Requirements:

  1.  An Airtel Ugandan Sim card
  2. The Sim card should have zero data so as to prove that the trick really works
  3.  Your tunneling app
  4. Configurations

How To Activate Airtel Free Browsing Cheat:

  1. Click here to download any tunneler app of your choice
  2. Use your default access point setting!!
  3. Install and configure it this way:                                                                                  Proxy Type: Real Host
    Proxy Server:
    Port: 8080 and then save it.
  4. Now click on Options – More Options – click on Connect through HTTP Proxy and then Use the following settings.
  5. To access the host and port, click here
  6. Configure the host and port and then return back, click on connect and enjoy free unlimited Internet access.

Ensure to drop your comments regarding the trick in the comment box below. If you encounter any error during connection, kindly message me or drop your complaints in the comment box.

8 comments on "Airtel Free Browsing Cheat"

  1. Gerald says:

    The setting. docx doesn’t download even if u follow the procedure

  2. lex meg says:

    i can’t download the docx coz there z no offer in uganda. please save me de hustle en send it to ma email or facebook: am really tired of paying for data! now social tax even!

  3. Hack ISP says:

    Hey Author,

    Me from Bangladesh and I am looking for different types of free internet. What’s the reason? The reason is, I try to use your method and proxy server. Can you tell me, How can I Success it? You are a genius for making the free internet. Please share your experience, How can you modify this Free Internet? I want to learn that properly.

    Thanks a lot
    MD Shahadat

  4. nicholas says:

    it cant work and i failed to get the host and port because the link u posted doesnt open

  5. Millard Clinton says:

    Nice and clear for use

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