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Feb 16, 2023
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Download Adorable home mod apk latest version This is one of the best simulation games of 2022, the storyline tells you about a couple’s daily life. The Adorable Home was developed by HyperBeard developer with an interesting storyline and sweet soundtrack

As of the time of this post,  Adorable home has recorded over 1M+ downloads and a good number of positive reviews on Google PlayStore.

Adorable home

The Gameplay

Adorable home is a simulation game that whereby the player is required to manage their home by furnishing and keeping it clean and also take care of their pet.

From the onset,  the player will choose his/her partner depending on your choice of gender, the game gives room for different kinds of marriage ranging from heterosexual and homosexual relationships i.e Gay couples, Lesbians couples, and so on.

Also, the player will name his or her partner whatever name you wish, which makes the game to be so realistic.

The game storyline is all about a couple who newly moved into their new home with their white cat called Snow.

In your new home, there is only a couch, a table and a TV in the room. Therefore you need to take care of the cat while your Partner goes to work.

You can furnish your home and make it look more fine by buying more furniture from the nearby shop.

You need to Furnish your room in such a way that it will attract more visitors. Each new item you add to your home has its probability of attracting a particular visitor and the higher the number of visits to your house, the higher the number of hearts you earn.

As you make progress and acquire some hearts,  you will be able to unlock the garden in your home once you reach1000 hearts. When you unlock the garden, you will need to decorate it by going shopping.

Decorating your garden and making it look beautiful will attract other animals to your garden. Different item has a probability of attracting a particular animal for example when a wood coffee table is put in the lounge or the garden, it attracts Rainbow-the “colorful sparrow”.

Features Of Adorable Home Game

Look at the other interesting features in these games:

1. Preparing Bento Box Adorable Home

Preparing Bento Box Adorable Home

In this game when your partner is off to work, the player needs to prepare a Bento Box which is a combination of 3 dishes namely: main course, a side dish, and a dessert. You can buy the food from the Shop option in the menu, under the Foods tab while the Bento boxes are found under the Boxes tab. The better the combination the higher the number of hearts you get when your partner eats the food.

2. Taking care of pets in an Adorable Home

Take care of a cat and make it happy

This is one of the most challenging missions in this game, where the player is required to make the cat happy by feeding them, showering them, clipping their nails, and petting them.

Each successful mission earns you love/heart. As time goes on the number of pets you are to care for will increase which includes dogs birds and so on making the game more tasteful.

3. Using the Love/heart as currency in the game

Love in adorable

The only currency in the game is a red heart which symbolizes love. At the beginning of the game, the player starts with 1500 heart/love which he or she got from the partner.

You can increase the number of the heart/love by accomplishing the tasks in the game such as: taking care of the pet, prepare bento box, check today’s weather.

The game dash player double heart when you watch an advertisement video 5 times per day.

4. Simulated couple relationship

Create your dream home in this game in this game, where the player has the right to break up the relationship with his or her partner. To put an end to your current relationship, you need to pay the price of 1000 hearts.

 5. Graphics and Sounds

Adorable Home features awesome graphics. The game has very realistic and images with bright colors and friendly designs.

Focusing on keeping the player’s mind relaxed and also offering a comfortable feeling, Adorable Home provides peaceful, soft, and funny background music.

The sound of pets when they are happy or angry is very lively. Also, the game has pretty characters and especially various super cute pets with many realistic movements.

Adorable Home Mod apk Version

The Adorable game requires that you accomplish some task in the game to acquire heart/love which is the only in-game currency available in the game.

With the currency, you can buy more items and furnish your home, go shopping and unlock some locked features in the game which require this currency to grant you access.

Activities in the game that earns your heart are taking care of cats, watching TV, decorating your house, etc. However, if you want to earn lots of Hearts, you need Adorable Home MOD.

This Adorable Home Mod gives you unlimited heart from the on-set of the game which you can use to buy everything you want without any hassle.

You can download the game from our site by clicking on the button below.


Adorable Home is the best choice when it comes to interesting storylines and good graphics.

You can download and enjoy the game with the link at the end of this post and If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

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Adorable Home is adding Cloud Save so you can keep your progress anywhere!

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